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10 Best Tips For WhatsApp Users | You Should Really Know

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Being one of the most popular mobile messaging apps Whatsapp had provided a practical, secure and dependable messaging experience to its users, even if it is facing competition from a number of other mobile apps including Line and Viber etc. Information about the WhatsApp tips and tricks provided hereunder will help you in using this messaging app more effectively.

1. Backup and restore chats

Though WhatsApp automatically keeps the backup of your chats but they can not be restored directly from the app. You should either create the manual backup to restore them later on or uninstall and reinstall the app to restore your recent chat. You can create manually on Android going into its settings to choose chat settings and tap on Backup to create the backup of your chats. iOS owners can also create the backup of their chats by going into Settings then Chat Settings to click on Chat Backup.

2. Conceal “Last Seen” Timestamp

You can keep your last presence on WhatsApp secret by hiding “Last Seen” Timestamp as it reveals your last presence to other users by default. You can improve your privacy by going into settings of the iOS to choose Chat Settings and Advanced to off the “Last Seen” Timestamp. Android users have to rely on a third-party app which disables their data connection while using WhatsApp.

3. Generate shortcuts for main contacts

You can speed up your communication with main Whatsapp contacts by creating their shortcut. Android users can easily make the shortcut by long pressing on the contact or group you want to make a shortcut for. A third party app like 1TapWA can be used to make the shortcut for iOS users.

4. Lock the WhatsApp

You can get rid of overwhelming messages from your family and friend by using other apps to secure your app like WhatsApp lock for android users. It will protect your app through a password or PIN.

WhatsApp groups are being very popular nowadays. its really hard to get a unique WhatsApp group name for your group but you can check these names if you wanna get amazing names.

5. Migrate App’s account to different phone number

You can change your phone number on the WhatsApp if you have changed phone number but the handset is the same. You need not uninstall and re-install app on your phone as it can be done easily by going into Settings and Accounts to change your phone number on the app. You can get it Done by entering your old and new number in the settings of your app.

6. Stop the appearance of app’s images in gallery

It can be annoying for you to have WhatsApp images on your camera roll or gallery for privacy reasons or to avoid cluttering of gallery etc. iOS users can fix this problem by going into Settings then Privacy and Photos and turning the switch off. A .nomedia file has to be created to on Android to stop the appearance of app’s images on Camera Roll and gallery.

7. Use Chat Heads for conversation on Android

You can also use the functionality of chat heads for WhatsApp conversations like used by FaceBook messenger to make your conversations on Android more functional. You can customize your contact information by using sound notifications, LED colors and chat head colors on them. But you should use this app carefully while using chat heads as you may have to face some minor problems in this process.

8. Install it on Android tablet

Though WhatsApp is developed to use on mobile phones but its latest version can also be run on Android tablets. You can directly download and install .apk and SRT AppGuard of the desktop version of this app from its official website to use it on your tablet. You should first run AppGuard by selecting Whatsapp from its Dashboard and pressing Monitor button. You can disable the identity under phone calls and read phone status to run it on your PC successfully.

9. Obtain app’s notifications on your PC

You will not miss WhatsApp messages while working n your PC by using various options like Pushbullet which provide various other benefits to the Android users along with mirroring the notifications on your PC.

10. Receive statistics of messages on your android

You or anyone can get statistics about you and your friends or groups regarding their message distribution system and most active time through WhatsApp. All this information can be obtained through its easy to understand visuals which anyone can easily understand.

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