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4 Tips to Make Your Facebook Timeline Amazing


Facebook Timeline has become the updated profile layout. It features a reverse chronological order for displaying posts and an array of relevant information and some personal details like work place, hometown and your friends just below the large cover photo canvas.

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If you presence on social media is of importance and you are bent on maintaining a good online portfolio, better redefine your Timeline for a picture perfect look. Here are some tips to make use of the new look in a better manner.

Put Effort on Your Cover Photo

The large space for pinning an attractive picture just above your profile pic is the cover photo space. Merge your profile and cover photo to create beautiful scenes. You can use Photoshop or Facebook cover designer to pin something unconventional in to that space.

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Upload a Video

If you got an interesting video up your sleeve (not abusive or unacceptable) then its time you share it with your friends.

To do this just go to your time line and hover over the video you want to feature and then click on the star icon. You video will now be showcased in a larger dimension for attracting attention.


Hide All Awkward Posts & Comments

You sure don’t want others to view your past photos, embarrassing posts or anything like that. Make sure they don’t. Click on the Activity button just under the cover photo and navigate through all your posts year by year and subsequently in months. Hide all those you think are supposed to be private now, or delete them altogether.

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Tag Map Not Photos

To create interest you can use the new Timeline map to indicate places you have visited, lived or been on a trip to. To do this, click on the map just below the cover photo. On the next page you will find an option that says “Add Photos”.  Click on it and you will be presented with a film strip of pictures. Scroll through them and add them to the map to indicate locations.

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