Android Apps: Angry Birds Review

angy birds

I’ve been enjoying video computer games since roughly around 1983. I go back to Pong as well as Pac Man and also L.A. Swat for the C-64.

I have never found a video game that’s more insidious, a whole lot more devious, or even more exciting than this video game in which you throws throws birds straight into green, diseased- and demented-looking pigs in order to keep them from robbing and eating your eggs.

This online game itself is published by a company named Rovio. Rovio is a mobile games publisher set up in 2003. Angry Birds, launched in 2010, has now reached the stage where it’s been downloaded over 30,000,000 times and, according to an article posted on CNN’s web site, will soon be generating above US M every month off just advertising revenue on the Android platform.

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This doesn’t count anything it gets from it’s sales of plush Angry Birds from it’s web page or any cash made from Apple’s various products. If that doesn’t persuade anyone of just how hot the overall game is, well, I’m uncertain that anything at all will.

This online game itself starts innocently enough: You have a 2-3 red-colored birds who look pretty furious due to the fact a team of green pigs has just ripped off your eggs. They’ve positioned in a protective position and your job is to launch your birds from a pre-built catapult straight straight into the pigs’ structure and damage each of the pigs.

The red-colored birds themselves do not have special capabilities, so you just aim, launch, and pray. As you advance through level after level, you open new birds with various powers along with new different types of pigs (I love the Adolf hitler pig!).

The difficulty of each and every level gradually increases until finally you glance up and recognise you’ve been on the same blasted level for 87 minutes and your spouse and children can’t determine why your face looks like you’re having a heart attack!

After 23 days of trying to play this online game, I have every bird type revealed, I’ve played through probably 120+ levels, even down loaded Angry Birds Seasons

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