Menopause Anxiety | All Info You Need To Know

Anxiety is one major cause of stress in every person’s life. But in case of a woman, she may have anxiety attacks because of menopause. Of course, anxiety occurs outside of menopause also. This is said to be a very stressful and tough time for women as they go through both physical and mental changes during menopause.

Menopausal women are more vulnerable to anxiety due to their continuous hormonal fluctuation. This misbalance occurs since the ability of their body to reproduce comes to the end. During this point of time, many women suffer from depression as well as high stress levels. Anxiety can also be called as a symptom of depression. The sudden force of anxiety is known as anxiety attack or panic attack. Women who experience this kind of symptoms are in most probability suffering from an anxiety disorder. The severity of menopause anxiety varies from women to women. The worst part of anxiety occurs during the time of perimenopause.

Causes of menopause Anxiety:

Anxiety attacks are not a direct result of inconsistent hormone levels. However, one of the major problems associated with menopause is sleep disorder. If a woman starts to get disturbed during sleep, she may become more anxious about them each night. This in turn can cause more disturbances in sleeping and this creates more anxiety.

Symptoms of menopause anxiety include:

i) Trembling or shivering
ii) Rapid and irregular heartbeat
iii) Feeling of tightness and fullness in the chest and throat
iv) Abnormal sweating
v) Muscle tension and soreness
vi) Dizziness
vii) Nausea
viii) Fatigue
ix) Constant worry and feeling of melancholy
x) Lack of concentration and attention problem
xi) Irritability
xii) Restless and disturbed sleep
xiii) Cold or sweaty hands

The following measures can be beneficial for all women suffering from menopause anxiety:

1. Identify and reduce the stresses of life – The women suffering from menopause anxiety should analyze their lives to find out the roots which generate the anxiety or high stress. Once the cause of the stress is identified, one can find out the ways to alleviate it.
2. Find ways to enjoy life – It is very essential to find out time to feel relaxed and do things one would love to do. If relaxation is not there, obviously the stress will also be increased.
3. Proper diet– Crash diets, skipping meals and the habit of eating before going to bed should be avoided. These eating habits can increase the anxiety level and cause restless sleep. Plenty of fruits and vegetables should be consumed. Furthermore, beverages containing caffeine and alcohol should be avoided.
4. Regular Exercise –Proper exercise can also prove to be of immense help in battling menopausal anxiety. Yoga, Tai Chi, walking, swimming, jogging or playing sports are all excellent ways to increase energy, keep the mind cool and will boost your metabolism, strengthen your body and improve circulation.
5. Proper medical advice – Menopausal anxiety can sometime greatly affect a woman’s day to day life. In such cases, one should immediately go for medical attention. Severe anxiety is a sign which indicates that the woman is suffering from a disorder.

During menopause most of the woman has to go through anxiety attacks. Lots of drugs are available in the market but they can cause serious side effects. That is the reason why herbal supplements are becoming very useful. Women should be very alert and should consult the problems with the doctor before the anxiety turns into anxiety disorder

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