What Is A Breast Cancer


Breast cancer can occur due, there is an organ inside the human body, which is made of tiny building blocks called cells. Make your body cells themselves, which serves to replace the dead cells with new cells. As a result, the body becomes healthy, normal cells do what they should do. These include cells in the chest, two points in front of the chest, called breast.

If the changes of these cells to become abnormal, sometimes dangerous, these cells can divide quickly and repeatedly without dying, making many copies of itself. When this happens, it happens that his tumor. body cells that grow abnormally are grouped or gathered together in the form of a lump, can the cell will begin to form and to be growing.

Breast cancer is a type of tumor that grade within the cells in the breast. This disease not only attacks women, but can also strike men, although rare. this can happen because everyone has the breast tissue.

The tumor can form anywhere in the human body. A person is said to have cancer, is that when normal cells can not stop growing, and the cause of illness in the body.

Women with breast cancer have cancer cells is only one part of the breast, which was first seen as small bumps. Cancer can then spread,  can spread to other body parts, such as bone, liver, or other body parts.

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