Differences Between IPhone and Android Apps


With the official arrival Android, consumers are comparing the apps offered by iPhone and Android. In our technologically savvy age, consumers are making choices based on what are the latest and best options that will perform as they expect.

When considering smart phones and the services they can provide, the differences between the apps could determine their decision making process.

New to the Android platform are popular iPhone apps, Facebook and Pandora. The key difference between the user experiences of these apps is that with Android they have a presence on the home screen. Designed by the Android developers to increase the user friendly feel, this is a strength in the Android platform.

iPhone has completed some updates of their Facebook application by adding Facebook Events and video uploading that is direct to Facebook.

This update has been well reviewed by diehard iPhone users and critics. The Facebook app is one of the most used and most popular of all of the iPhone apps as social networking sites have grown in popularity.

The Facebook app developed for Android that was created by a collaboration from Google and Facebook has been criticized for lacking many of the integral features that the iPhone app has. However, it does benefit from the ability of running apps in the background that the Android platform has. Its home screen widget and Facebook contacts folder are clear benefits and have an ease of use.

User friendly, the widget created by Android app developers is a blank box where you can update your Facebook status and below it lists your friends’ updates as well and is self updating. From this app, Android creates a contact list based on your friends if they have phone numbers listed in their profile.

The contacts are well organized in an alphabetical manner. It also lists their profile picture which can be used as an icon that you can press to pull up their phone number in the Android dialer. The functionality of this app is makes staying in touch via Facebook easy.

When comparing the iPhone and Android app capabilities for Pandora, they are nearly identical. Pandora has proven to be hugely popular with iPhone users, so Pandora wanted to make it just as successful with Android. The Android app developers created an app that focuses on Android’s ability to run applications in the background.

A user either use the full screen Pandora app or exit to the home screen where a widget can be used to rate songs and control music playing options easily. However, if you need to switch stations, you will need to go full screen to do so.

As the Android rollout are fairly new, new apps and updates to existing apps will be continually available. If you are in the market for a new smartphone and want to see which platform will suit you best, make sure to do research on the apps available and their reviews for both iPhone and Android.

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