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Easy ways to lock a USB With or Without a Software

ways to lock a USB

USB drives are a thing of beauty and known for the convenience they offer. Whether student or a full time employee, we all have different needs that can only be fulfilled by these portable devices.

Around two decades ago, USB drives came into existence and since then, no other alternative option has been able to overcome USB’s strong position.

Cloud storage however is another emerging data storage option but so far users haven’t been able to trust these third party data storage platforms.

The problem here is that there aren’t much options to password protect your USB drives and you are more dependent on the third party software for USB drive security.

A few of the available options of protecting your drives are as follows:

Built-in protection:

Insert your USB drive and click on the ‘Start button’.  In ‘search programs and files; type bit locker drive encryption and launch the application. Furthermore, you can turn on bit locker. Windows would ask you to enter a password. Do create a strong one and tab ‘next’ if you want to save the password in a safe place & finally tap on start encrypting.

Save individual files with a password:

As mentioned above, you do not have the freedom to password protect your drive entirely but there are other means of protecting your data for example: Many programs help you in saving the individual file using a password. Files such as Excel and Word that are commonly used for storing data can be protected easily. For instance, while the document (in word format) is open, go to File>Info>Protect Document Menu>Encrypt with password. Here you need to set a password known only to you to easily access the file later.

However, the above mentioned alternative options are now becoming obsolete as there now exist a whole range of software (third party) that do the heft work for you. Although there are countlesssoftware from which you can select, but we compiled a list of working USB security software that are far from any glitches. Starting with:

File secure Free:

This software contains about 3 to 4 screens of adware. Hence, you need to be a bit extra careful or you can avoid the risk by installing an unzipped. The best thing about File Secure Free is that it gives other services as well like file shredding, file encryption and drive lock options.

USB Flash Security:

USB flash security is similar to other options where it encrypts the entire drive. However, it leaves a portion of space free for the release tool to decrypt the area protected when running. This area ranges to about 0.5 MB Fat partition usbenter.exe is used to insert the password, making the rest of the drive available.

Cryptainer LE:

Another working yet admirable data security software that does more than what is required. It helps you protect USB flash drives, hard disks, USB drives and more. It makes arrangements for you to password protect and secure any folder or file on the given media (such as removable drives).Download Cryptainer LE

USB Secure:

USB Secure – is another improved USB security software that lets you password protect your USB drives with complete security. Furthermore, it gives you the option to select between accessing only the locked files and unlocking the same files completely.

It also offers plug and play feature which becomes a protective boundary when you eject your hard drive from PC abruptly. You can also use the ‘lost & found’ option where if you lose your device, the finder may contact you using the details you attached with the drive.

Although there are hundreds of working USB security software that may be good but do not have the capacity to withstand the regular threats of the prying eyes. The above mentioned software are well tested and deliver the services exactly as they promised.

Make sure you give an attempt to all of these devices to analyze whether these software fulfill the needs you desire or not. Since most of them offer free trials, you can easily get to know what you’re dealing with. But do note that the trial version won’t be having as much features as the free version would have.

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